Dhiraj Thareja

Dhiraj Thareja is an American born entrepreneur. He serves as a catalyst for innovation, leveraging his expertise in IT consulting to make a profound impact on the global stage. He is currently providing IT consulting services at the United Nations in New York City, NY (USA).

With an MBA from Hult International Business School and a background in Computer Science from Rutgers University & NJIT, Dhiraj has honed his skills at the intersection of technology, marketing and business.

Thareja has worked with some of the largest global brands such as Forbes, Mercedes Benz, Scholastic Publishing, Trimble, and National Hockey League.

In 2015, Dhiraj Thareja founded Thareja Inc, driven by a steadfast mission to help his clients bring to life their visions of the future through cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing solutions. As CEO, he leads all aspects of product design, engineering, and consulting services with unwavering dedication.

Under the Thareja Inc umbrella, Thareja Consulting Services harnesses a global network of creative and technical talent to deliver bespoke digital, branding, and marketing solutions tailored to clients' objectives.

Thareja Technologies, also a part of Thareja Inc, empowers ambitious people with intelligent systems which help provide business growth and tactical edge.


Currently, Dhiraj is spearheading the development of Thareja Al, a revolutionary remote talent management system hosted in the cloud. Collaborating with a diverse team of skilled developers and designers across the globe, his vision is to empower talent to deliver exceptional services from any location.

A firm believer in the power of a growth mindset, Dhiraj Thareja continually strives for operational excellence in all endeavors. Outside the boardroom, he embraces the joys of fatherhood as a proud #girldad and finds inspiration in his love for travel and food/gastronomy.

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